AIM is dedicated to delivering value for shareholders and to serving patients in need.

Do not be misled by the Activist Group that is attempting to take control of AIM’s Board for the second year in a row. Their efforts could put at risk the Company’s clinical progress and potential to enhance value for shareholders.

AIM's Momentum

 AIM is working to bring new therapies to market to address a range of life-threatening cancers, debilitating immune disorders and viral conditions (including Long COVID).

The Company is building on substantial momentum in recent years, and expects to achieve clinical milestones during the remainder of 2023.


Refreshed Board Of Directors

Recently added Nancy Bryan as an independent director with deep commercial, marketing, business development and corporate finance expertise.

Seeking an additional independent director with additional diverse perspectives and additive biopharmaceutical expertise.


Advancement of Priority Development Programs

Lead asset Ampligen continues to fuel a broad pipeline in multiple therapeutic indications.

Expects to achieve key clinical milestones over remainder of 2023.


Continued Execution of Multi-Year Turnaround

Expanded supply of Ampligen to continue clinical studies.

Prudently managing finances to ensure cash runway to fund operations during multiple key milestones through the end of 2024.

The Activist Group’s Campaign

Several individuals in an “Activist Group” have been engaged in a multi-year effort to disrupt AIM’s business and take over the Board.

The Activist Group - if successful - could put the Company's continued progress at significant risk.

Following failed nomination efforts in 2022, the Group has returned in a campaign partially designed to force AIM shareholders to foot the bill for the Group’s millions of dollars of unpaid expenses from the 2022 campaign.

The Group, which is comprised of interconnected individuals and includes convicted felons, has repeatedly omitted key information and made false and misleading statements. They are not acting in the best interests of all shareholders, have ignored the Company’s Bylaws and have repeatedly lost attempts to get their way in Court.

Learn more about the Activist Group’s web of interconnections

AIM remains committed to protecting the best interests of all shareholders.

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